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There are some snow flurries outside, it's my seventh full year in Pittsburgh. My ad is around town, most notably it's near Heinz Field, the Carnegie Science Center, and Three Rivers Casino.

The photo shoot was a little over two months ago, I remember it like it was yesterday because it was the first paid gig I'd had as a model. Now, I'm less than three weeks away from opening night at the Kelly StrayhornTheater. 

The only thing I have to do before then is memorize my singing solo, practice feeling the lines, and work on getting into character regularly. 

The show will do well in Pittsburgh, but I'm more concerned about the traveling and how it may impact my work schedule. 

Depending on when we travel, I may have to take off work. We're going to the South and the Midwest. North Carolina: Greensboro and Charlotte. Illinois: Chicago. 

We may do other theaters around town and add cities to the roster. Well, this is a significant milestone in my life. The back-to-back interviews, auditions, and paid gigs means that things will only get better next year. 

The number of times that I've wanted to give up are numerous, but thank God that I persisted and never let my bad attitude get in the way of my potential. 

Who knows who may be sitting in the audience?

Perhaps I may get noticed by a theater company, recording company, or talent agency. For now, I'm just enjoying my first entry in a while and the first on my smartphone. In a few days, I'll be 26 and soon afterward, I'll know about the professional jobs and it will be Thanksgiving. Physically I'm in the best shape of my life and will only improve on the road and once I get a footing in the corporate world, besides carbs, I've sworn off other things in order to stay fit. 

Regardless of what I may not possess, there's so much to give thanks for this year. For instance, my mother and sister flew up to see me a little over a month ago and put the fire under my belly to get better at my craft and have something to show for my 20s.

I have to constantly remind myself that some people never get the opportunities that I have and despite what I lack, or live past a certain age, especially in the black community...one day I will never go without. I claim it and speak it into existence. Thank you Jesus for blessing me. 

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