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Organizational & Financial Goal$

This is my first update of the New Year. It will be a short entry. The two main focuses outside of academic and career goals are to earn more every month and get more organized every month.

If I tackle it daily, weekly, and monthly and check in with goals daily, weekly, & monthly, then maybe by December or even June, I'll be one step closer to achieving these goals. 
Creativity is high on the priority list. This year's other goal is to be more candid and creative with the updates. 

Now that I have a microphone and plan on getting more camera technology, podcasting is something that I want to commit to doing this year. 

In terms of organization, I think my level of cleanliness is average. I need to set up a system for maintaining at least above average organization every day.

Organization is a huge component of success. Waking up early is not the issue, it's what happens in those precious moments after getting up every morning. 

Some write goals afte waking up daily, I'd like to sort that habit this morning. Before tonight's cast party, I'll make sure to work out, eat healthiliy, and clean my room. By the end of next week, I want to get in the habit of making my bed regularly.

Tonight, we'll watch the play together reminisce and talk about the future of the cast. Alright, time to pack my gym bag. 

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