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How do you recover from a huge failing, either moral or financial? 

Many grew up saying, "That will never be me," in regards to certain situations.

One of my colleagues grew up with drug addicts for parents. However, that didn't prevent this individual from bar hopping and smoking it up repeatedly. 

Although the person eventually quit their bad habits, it took years and the birth of children to slow that party train down. 

Why do we not honor the promises that we make to ourselves? 

When we see a counter example and tell ourselves that we'll never model our lives after that person, why do we regress and wind up doing exactly that?

Oftentimes, the most intelligent people make the most irrational decisions. Decisions that could have easily been avoided if we had stayed true to our promise of never making certain errors in life. 

When it comes to budgeting and finances. I've definitely made a great deal of errors that were completely avoidable in hindsight. For whatever reason, I keep asking myself, how did I end up so far away from the place that I wanted to be? When years ago, I reassured myself that would never be me. 

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