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Integrity: Honesty is Difficult

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Since integrity entails absolute honesty, I'll admit that my college years were wrought with some terrible life choices. We all make mistakes, but these careless errors in judgement were easily avoidable. For instance, the decision to start partying hard almost cost me my reputation, life, and achievements.

We all might have horror stories regarding our wildest and most crazy college experiences. But, as the son of a minister, I knew better.

It's too late to say, "shoulda...coulda...woulda." Nevertheless, the steps I'm making have already resulted in some benefits.

 For example, I'm mentoring a little through Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and that position is quite rewarding.

Giving back enriches my life in so many ways that I cannot begin to enumerate. The level of engagement that I experience far outweighs my old playboy existence.

The hardest part was telling my parents about my immoral past. They are very devout and were at first upset, but eventually understood how their son became susceptible to the excesses of college.

There are very few mistakes that a man can't recover from, especially if he's determined to not allow the past to stifle his future.

What didn't kill me, only motivated me to live a more purpose-filled life.

A saint is just a sinner who fell down and got up.


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