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How to Be a Player

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Sex governs all heterosexual male behavior.

In order to attract quality women, men have to possess certain attributes: power, status, and wealth.

What Women Want

1. Pre-selected by other women.

2. Leader of men.

3.Protector of loved-ones.

4.Willingness to emote.

Attraction is not a choice

Team sports and male bonding are key to building more confidence.

During team sports men learn how to build healthy friendships with other men.

A large social network increases a man's chances of attracting other women.

The more information a man gathers, the more powerful he becomes.

Knowledge is power
Men tend to have larger, more superficial relationships with other men.

A strong social circle makes one healthier and wealthier.

Men must socialize with other men in order to pick up women together.

Fraternities exist for this purpose.

Standing out in a crowd is very important. Leaders are made, not born. These special skills of networking and leadership invariably lead to success in business and social life.

Men must always initiate the first move in relationships.

Shy men are often played by aggressive women for this reason.

Attractive women definitely have the upper hand when it comes to dating and relationships.

A "pretty woman" will never be lonely. Women want to be her, men want to be with her.

In recent years, however, sex has become a cheaper commodity for men.

Fortunately, most attractive women still play hard to get.

Through courtship men must stand out.

Men must have substance, and not just style.

Traits such as intellect, creativity, personality, rugged determination, charisma, financial prowess, and outstanding kinesthetic ability.

A quality woman must say "no" more than she says "yes."
Although men are portrayed as dogs, a quality man must also be selective.

After all, both parties could have a lot of sex, but choosing to refrain from sex often sets them apart as leaders.

Leadership is outstanding

Women who are good-looking tend to attract many male suitors.

Men who are good-looking tend to attract many female suitors, especially now that society considers this behavior acceptable.

Therefore, both parties must be able to say "no" more than they say "yes."

Jacqueline Bouvier had a choice between Jack Kennedy and some socially awkward dude who wound up crunching numbers on Park Avenue.

She chose a Kennedy: more power, more status, and more wealth.

The American Dynasty

What sort of woman will you attract?

You have to play your cards right.

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